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  • About Us

    About Taiping Reinsurance Co., Ltd. 

    Taiping Reinsurance Co., Ltd. (“TPRe”) was incorporated in Hong Kong in September 1980 as a state-owned composite professional reinsurer, undertakes the non-life and life reinsurance business all over the world. With head office in Hong Kong, TPRe also set up operating platforms in the region and overseas, including subsidiaries in Beijing and London, a branch in Labuan, Malaysia, as well as representative offices in Japan and Macau.

    Company Brochure

    As one of the renowned professional reinsurance companies based in Asia, TPRe possesses a well-recognized market position and underwrites reinsurance business all over the world. Currently, TPRe serves clients from more than 100 markets and has maintained the leading position in Hong Kong’s reinsurance market. In 2021, TPRe registered a gross written premium of USD2.77 billion (HK$21.61 billion), and the total assets reached USD8.06 billion (HK$62.85 billion).


    With the solid backing of its listed parent company, China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited, and its strategy shareholder, Ageas Insurance International NV, TPRe is highly respected for its prudent business strategy and strong financial strength. For consecutive years, TPRe has achieved “A” (strong/excellent) financial strength ratings from renowned international rating agencies, including S&P, AM Best and Fitch.

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